Pilates and Yoga, Intelligent and Mindful Exercise

Lengthen your spine while enhancing your quality of life! Tucked away in the beautiful atrium of San Miguel Square is the Pilates Reformer Studio and Namaste´ Yoga Studio co-owned by Dana White and Rebecca Speight since March 2007.  Rebecca and Dana are both certified in Pilates Mat and Pilates Reformer/Tower and Yoga Level 5.

The Pilates Reformer Studio is unique to Midland, with seven professional series Balanced Body Allegro Reformers and Towers.  The Reformer/Tower workout will add resistance to your routine, correct muscular imbalances better than a mat, and will assist in keeping your body in the proper alignment.

The Namaste’ Yoga and Pilates Studio is a special secluded retreat offering Restorative yoga, Spa yoga, Hot yoga and Vinyasa yoga.  Namaste’ studio offers Mat Pilates which balance, tone and strengthen muscles and improve one’s posture.

Yoga and Pilates have been all encompassing.   This has been a springboard of health for me.  Having dealt with arthritis and mild scoliosis, the renewal of flexibility, core muscle strength and overall body tone has increased my physical and emotional stamina.  Dana’s classes are always fresh and evolving with new exercises that touch on every muscle group.  I am constantly challenged and growing.  I am loving every minute of it!–Tish D.

I will never grow old, but I will age, only I will age gracefully because of Pilates!– Jerra Matticks, Group reformer student

Yoga has helped me to stay in shape, focused and centered.  I love yoga and practicing the asanas has helped my body tremendously. –Scottie B.

Anyone can do Pilates, whether you are in peak physical condition or haven’t exercised in years, you can start Pilates today!   “Pilates has helped me with my balance and strength, and my preparation for knee replacements”, says group reformer student, Cathy Graham.

Yoga is the natural compliment to Pilates.  Muscular tension, postural imbalances and day-to-day anxiety all impede the flow of breathing.  Proper breathing helps to unwind stress. Yoga will make you feel good, stand taller, perform better, and help prevent illness. Most users believe they can feel the difference, after only one session!  The increase in a person’s joint mobility will lend to feeling long and lean.

Enjoy the fun of a group fitness class as well as the personal attention of a private Yoga session.

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Pilates has helped me to strengthen my flexibility and back strength after scoliosis surgery.  It has also helped the flexibility in my legs, for someone who could not even touch their toes!–Lindsey Fikes, Private reformer student

Yoga has allowed me to breathe and relax, and at the same time get a great workout.– Danielle E.

Pilates has transformed my entire exercise routine, as it has strengthened my core muscles and has toned difficult areas of my body such as my arms and inner thighs.  I truly love this program.–Lillian Riley, Pilates Reformer group student