Seize the opportunity to utilize one of the most fully equipped Pilates studios in Texas, the first and only one in Midland.  The reformer is the main piece of equipment used in Pilates exercise.  A reformer workout will add resistance to your routine, correct muscular imbalances better than a mat, and will assist in keeping your body in the proper alignment.  All movements come from a stable center called the Powerhouse and are performed gracefully, smoothly and evenly, without tension. You will develop long, lean muscles, along with improved posture and alignment.  You will see amazing results from the group personal training on the Pilates reformer.  Maximum enrollment limit is 6. These classes are for women, men, athletes, teens and seniors!

  • Yoga and Pilates have been all encompassing.   This has been a springboard of health for me.  Having dealt with arthritis and mild scoliosis, the renewal of flexibility, core muscle strength and overall body tone has increased my physical and emotional stamina.  Dana’s classes are always fresh and evolving with new exercises that touch on every muscle group.  I am constantly challenged and growing.  I am loving every minute of it! –Tish D.

  • Pilates has helped me to strengthen my flexibility and back strength after scoliosis surgery.  It has also helped the flexibility in my legs, for someone who could not even touch their toes!–Lindsey Fikes, Private reformer student