Release tension and promote peace of mind!  Yoga practice combines heat building breathing exercises with invigorating movements of the upper body to develop upper body strength and flexibility.  Muscular tension, postural imbalances and day-to-day anxiety all impede the flow of breathing.  Proper breathing helps to unwind stress.  Flexibility and suppleness of the spine, natural weight loss as well as restoring harmony and balance to the mind and body are some of the benefits from a yoga practice. Deep relaxation exercises will refresh your mind and body.  All fitness levels will enjoy the wonderful benefits of this yoga workout.

  • I enjoy yoga.  I have been doing yoga for about 4 years.  I know the strength training and flexibility that I have gained.  I am probably the oldest one in the class and flexibility and strength are so important as I grow older.  I t is easy to adapt yoga to our own level – no competition. –Carol J.


Wind down and enjoy deep relaxation exercises that will refresh the mind and relax the body.  Feel the tension move away from tight muscles by stretching the back muscles, opening up the hips and resting poses.  Enjoy the deep relaxation of restorative postures while practicing present moment awareness.  All fitness levels welcome.

  • I am almost 70 and I have been doing yoga for fifteen years and I love it!! Yoga keeps me young!! –SG