Thai Therapy
Thai Therapy is an ancient form of healing the body and mind and has been used for hundreds of years to nurture one back to his/her natural healthy self.  You simply lay back, breathe, and relax.  The therapist supports and moves your body through various positions.  Gentle rocking motions, deep stretchs and light compressions encourage your body back to it’s healthy natural state in a mindful way!

Your one on one session with a certified therapist will gently stretch every muscle and joint.  The entire one hour process increases energy flow and brings you into a complete state of positive well-being and blissfulness!  It is performed in loose comfortable clothes.  There is no need to undress and no oils are used.


Thai Therapy creates wholeness of mind, body and spirit, reduces pain, releases toxins in the organs, encourages better circulation, increases flexibility and relieves stress.  Experience the calming and enlivening effects of this wonderful therapy.

Call certified Thai Therapy Massage, Dana White, 432.634.0964 or Rebecca Speight, 432.889.4847 for an appointment.


Dana White, 432.634.0964
Rebecca Speight, 432.889.4847

San Miguel Square, 3303 N. Midkiff inside the Atrium